Network Terms of Use

The following terms apply to all projects and websites on YM Network (hereinafter—“network sites”). By using any of them, you agree with the terms.

Last updated on January 1, 2018

YM Network Terms of Use

  1. The network site owner reserves the right to add, modify, or remove any features of network sites, or even shut those sites down completely, at any moment, with or without prior notification.
  2. You must obey applicable laws while using network sites. If you violate this rule, you may face legal sanctions.
  3. Some content appearing on network sites is owned by third parties. This content remains property of its owner.
  4. You give the owner permission to collect any information about you and/or the device you use for accessing network sites. The owner may use this information in any way.
  5. Network sites, their features, services, and applications are provided on the “AS IS” basis. By using network sites, you acknowledge all the risks. Operability, access to features, and authenticity of information are not guaranteed.
  6. If these Terms of Use do not comply with laws in your country, we sincerely do not give a fuck.
    However, in that case you are not allowed to use network sites and must leave them immediately.
  7. These Terms of Use may be changed at any time, with or without prior notification. New version becomes effective, and the old one obsolete, immediately.

We like to keep it simple:

Be good. Enjoy sites. Don’t do shit.